Wynncraft Staff Application Portal

Welcome to the Wynncraft Staff Application Portal. Here you can select the application of your choosing and submit it to our application system.

If you are looking for developer/paid roles, please email your resumé and your interests to [email protected]

Builder Application

Please remember to save your application on your computer before submitting.
I don't want to see all of your hard work go to waste!

CMD Application

Please remember to save your application on your computer before submitting.
I don't want to see all of your hard work go to waste!

GM Application

Please remember to save your application on your computer before submitting.
I don't want to see all of your hard work go to waste!

On a scale of 1 to 10, how good do you think you are at writing stories?
On a scale of 1 to 10, how creative do you think you are?
What are you most looking for as a GM? Pick three or less.

Quest Writing!

It's time to write what your quest is about here! We won't ask for every detail for every stage of the quest, but rather interesting points about it. You will have both story and gameplay questions. You should base your quest on the chosen prompt above!

The gameplay questions are the most important ones, so try to really blow us out of the water with those ones!

You may add your own characters or use existing ones. You don't have to give stats to mob encounters, and you don't have to add quest rewards, although you aren't prohibited from doing so.

If anything contains an unique mechanic (i.e. a custom boss spell), it would be better to explain what that mechanic is!
Select a prompt for your quest.

Extra Questions!

You will now answer a few questions related to Game Design! It's a really important element to consider when making content on the team.

Which of these two caves is the better one?

Which of the two boss arenas is better?


Item Maker Information

Hey everyone!

Do not ask about your application's progress; it only puts us off of it. If you don't hear anything within a span of three months, you may submit another application, but copy/pastes of previous applications will be rejected immediately. In addition, do not share the answers to the questions in this application on any platform, publicly or privately. If we find out you have done so, it is grounds for a permanent ban.

IM Application

Please remember to save your application on your computer before submitting.
I don't want to see all of your hard work go to waste!
Please refer to the Item Team Update Thread on the Wynncraft Forum for [Attachment A-C].
These attachments are required to complete Question 3, 4 and 5.


Moderation Information

Hey everyone!

Sometimes the line is blurred between what a moderator actually does, and what they should be doing. This page will quickly describe what a moderator is expected to do for the community, and the relationship they have with the playerbase.

To begin, let us review the rules of the various Wynncraft communities.


Server Rules

  1. No hacked clients. This includes but is not limited to:
    1. Kill aura
    2. Entity Radar
    3. Fly Hacking
    4. Speed Hacking
  2. No harassment, excessive cursing, insulting, scamming, spamming, or general rudeness to your fellow adventurers.
  3. No abusing bugs or glitches. In fact - you should tell us about them so we can fix them!
  4. No advertising.
  5. No evading your ban in any form.
  6. Player made invasions. (intentionally leading mobs to an AFK player to kill them)

You can read more about Wynncraft's rules here.


Forum Rules

  1. No inappropriate, or useless posts. We like to keep things clean here!
  2. Don’t harass, excessively curse, insult, spam, or be rude towards other members.
  3. No alternate accounts. One is enough!
  4. Don’t spur on or create arguments, or cause drama. You may find that posts or threads of that nature will be removed and you may receive a warning.
  5. Don’t bring up private affairs into public. That’s for you to sort out personally!
  6. Don’t necropost (bump a thread for no good reason), advertise, or do goodbye threads.

You can read more about Wynncraft's rules here.


Discord Rules

  1. Keep it clean; No inappropriate language, insulting other members, or includes racism.
  2. Do not spam in any channel, includes voice channel spamming.
  3. Links cannot contain advertising of any kind, racism, pornography, gore, or any other disturbing things.
  4. No Loud Noises, or intentionally annoying, racist, or offensive songs.
  5. If you are banned on Discord you are not allowed to use an alternative account to join.
  6. No inappropriate names or impersonation of staff or other members.
  7. Keep topics to their specific channels.

If you are asked not to play a song/artist and continue to play it you will be banned from using the music channel.

If these rules are broken you will be sent a message notifying you, continuation of breaking the rules will result in a ban from channels or the Discord.

If you need any help what so ever feel free to contact a moderator by tagging us @Moderator or by sending one of us a PM.

These rules are subject to change if change is needed. If you want to report someone for breaking these rules please provide Screenshot evidence and make a report here.


The Role of Moderators

Wynncraft has become a huge game, with over 1.5 million unique connections! Although the community isn’t as big as that, there are still many people to deal with. The way we maintain order is by enforcing the rules set and hand out the punishments for people who break them. But that isn’t all we do. We are not just moderators of the rules, we’re there to make sure everyone has an amazing experience playing Wynncraft, whether you’re just hanging around Detlas or lurking on the forums/discord.

With so many people, there are bound to be arguments or disruptions, and that’s where we step in before things get out of hand. We are to use the power we are given by the admin team to maintain the peace, but never abuse it for personal gain.

Some mods have roles that are more specific than others. While one moderator may be more active at banning those pesky fly hackers, others may be better at defusing a drama bomb. Not all mods are expected to do each of the duties equally, but we are there to do everything we can.

All in all, we are here to make sure everything stays happy, polite and fun. But we have to follow some guidelines ourselves.


Moderator Rules

  1. Never abuse any commands, power or influence for personal gain, only to uphold the rules.
  2. Act without bias. Mods are community members too, and we have friends, but we will do our best to act objectively, even if one of our pals is in the hot seat.
  3. Do not break the rules of Wynncraft as stated above. We are not above our own rules.
  4. Act maturely, sensibly and maintain a sense of professionalism.

If a moderator is not following this code of conduct please report them to one of the Mod Managers. This report should come with evidence (your word is not enough, we're afraid) of said moderator breaking the rules. However, if you are seen to be “baiting” a moderator to get them wound up to make them say something offensive, you may find yourself in just as much trouble.

No moderator is above the rules.


Having Said That...

Moderators are people too, and people make mistakes. While we try to maintain the peace, things can go wrong. Fortunately, as a cohesive team, there have been no situations which we have been unable to overcome. To be able to maintain a good moderating environment, you have to be able to respect other moderators decisions. There really is no use arguing and shouting, if you really want results with our team, you need to speak calmly and cohesively to produce a logical response to your issue.

Moderators are also players. They don't have to moderate 24/7, they are allowed to actually play the game too sometimes! Though, moderators will be asked to relieve their duties when inactive for a substantial amount of time. Final decision for this comes from the Mod Management team.


Moderator Selection Process

How we select moderators has been a long standing question amongst the community, as the role of moderator is seen as an honour. However, the process of how a moderator is selected is not public information. Fortunately we now have moderator applications, more information can be seen here.

We choose mods based on various things, but they are never chosen out of favouritism. Just because one community member is promoted over another does not mean that said person “deserves it more”, they have just fulfilled the requirements to be promoted and are offered the position. There should be only congratulations at hand when someone is promoted, not anger that someone else was not.

If you wish to become moderator - be yourself! The reason the selection process isn’t public information is so that we can remain organic, and not promote people who are “pretending” so they can get the promotion.


Point of Contact

The Mod Managers are easier to contact than an admin and has direct contact with them if necessary.

You can find a list of the current moderators and their respective managers here.

And that’s it everyone! I hope that this has cleared up any discrepancies between the staff and the community and this document may be updated from time to time.

Keep on having fun and respect the staff,

Mod Application

Please remember to save your application on your computer before submitting.
I don't want to see all of your hard work go to waste!

If you have other minecraft accounts, list them all separated by commas. If you don't, leave this field blank.
What platform do you prefer to moderate?

Include any official reprimands handed out on the server, forums, or discord. Verbal warnings don't need to be mentioned!